November 4th, 2005

Xinhuanet reports that “researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of High Energy Physics exchanged huge scientific data with their Italian counterparts via the Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (Gloriad)”. Gloriad is “expected to be an important platform for research for the Next Generation Internet (NGI),is proposed as a 10-gigabit-per-second optical network around the Northern Hemisphere. The ring begins in Chicago at the Starlight facility,funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation,crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the Netherlight facility in Amsterdam,continuesto Moscow and the Russian science city of Novosibirsk,goes on to Beijing and Hong Kong, and then crosses the Pacific Ocean to complete the circuit in Chicago”.The three Gloriad founders,China, the United States and Russia,were joined by the Republic of Korea,the Netherlands and Canada in September.

Huge research data exchange via global high-speed net

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