Text-message referendum in Wales
November 6th, 2005

Via BestKeptSimple, this news of a text-message referendum:

Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies has launched Britains first ever text message referendum on the question “Should Wales have its own law-making Parliament?”

Drawing inspiration from the so-called Orange Revolution in Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were mobilised by mobile phone, the month-long exercise hopes to encourage political participation by using the means of communication favoured by many young people.

Although it will have no legal status, the referendum is intended to make an impact before the publication of the Government’s new Bill on Welsh devolution next month.

“We are holding this referendum to give as many people in Wales as possible the opportunity to make their voices heard.”

Voters will be asked to text “Wales Yes” or “Wales No” to 83010, votes will be monitored to ensure that no more than one vote from each mobile number is counted and each vote will cost 25p plus the standard network charge.

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