Irish are taking their cell phones with them to the grave
November 8th, 2005

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ireland’s obsession with mobile phones has sunk to new depths, literally, as a growing number of people are taking their mobiles six feet under with them to the grave.

Facing the sweet hereafter with phone in hand is a new take on the ancient practice of burying a loved one with personal mementos.

… “With the recent explosion in popularity of mobile phones and other personal electronic gadgets, people now see them as extensions of themselves that will follow them to the grave.

Some people, especially young girls, live their lives by their mobiles and feel it’s part of them,” he said.

“Some other people may be terrified they’ll wake up in the coffin, so they take along a mobile to ring for help to get them out,” he said. However, certain rules would apply, including making sure the mobile is switched off or on silent before it accompanies the deceased.

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