Cell phone robber
November 13th, 2005

A new twist on mobile phones, multitasking, and crime: a robber hit a series of Virginia banks, talking to a cell phone the entire time.

The woman has held up four branches of Wachovia bank branches in the Washington suburbs of northern Virginia, police said Friday, though it is unclear whether the cell-phone bandit was actually talking to anyone on the other end of the line.

In the most recent robbery, in Ashburn on November 4, surveillance video footage shows the 20-something woman talking on the phone as a teller hands her a pile of cash. She continued talking as she walked out of the bank.

What was the purpose of this? Perhaps she was in touch with a lookout, or handler. At any rate, the robber apparently said little:

The tellers have not been able to hear much of the conversations, police said. Troxell said the chat from the robber’s end on Nov. 4 was mainly a bunch of “okays.”


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