Coldplay get single push in forensics cop show CSI
November 30th, 2005

Coldplay are to be promoted in an innovative cross-promotional deal, in which one of the songs from their platinum-selling ‘X&Y’ album is played on a character’s mobile phone in the hit crime drama ‘CSI: NY. [via Brand Republic]

530356_1.jpg During the episode, detective Danny Messer is investigating a cold case, pun probably intended, when his phone rings to the sound of Coldplay’s song ‘Talk’.

The US TV promotion, between CBS and Capitol Records, then offers viewers the chance to download the song to their phones, taking product placement to the next level. The ringtone will be available via a deal with a US cellular network and

It does not end there. Later in the episode, ‘Talk’ serves as background music. The promotion is believed to be a first for the music industry and, if successful, stars in other TV shows are likely to have their phones ringing with the latest songs from the Billboard 100.

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CSI is so cutting edge. What has come up before – via Engadget’s watchful eye, is how with it, CSI writers are. They have previously worked in episodes, such current fads as “toothing” and flashmobs as well as including in one plotline an enhanced image related to a camphone shot.

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