KRON supplies staff with laptops and digital video cameras
December 20th, 2005

via BoingBoing,

KRON is turning almost every staff member into a one-person production team with their own laptops and video cameras, and in doing so quadrupling the number of cameras on the street. Reporters are capturing their own video and camera persons are testing their hand at doing their own reporting. KRON is hoping that more footage on the street means a more diverse set of stories to choose from when compiling the evening news.

an interesting perspective offered by KRON’s online news manager Brian Greene at the Media Orchard blog:

So now we have a choice as an industry. We can sit around like many of the people quoted in this article, break open the scrapbooks, and pine for the good ole days of local TV news’ mythical golden era. Or we can try to create something new that makes sense within today’s economics and that at the same time fixes many of the existing problems with the genre.

Ask anyone outside our industry and they’ll tell you, local television news SUCKS. It’s the same stories, told in the same way and the only things different from one station to another are the blonde and the graphics package. Despite all of the money they used to have, television news executives never really changed the format from “the guy at the desk with the box over his shoulder.” Despite the extravagances of the old system, it was still just six crews covering the market on any given day… never taking risks… just getting the easy stuff… the crime and the regurgitated newspaper story from that morning.

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