December 20th, 2005

RFID in Japan reports that “in Shinjuku ,Tokyo,some street lamps were RFID tagged for the purpose of deliverying information to citizens, information about nearby stores, public facilities, etc.Attached to each street lamp was a so-called “information panel” that has an RFID tag embedded in it.The local goverment plans to tag more street lamps next year aiming at tagging all 10,000 street lamps in the region.Citizens may use a PDA-like device called Ubiquitous Communicator (UC).A UC device reads RFID tags on street lamps and first fetches the information about the user’s current location.Then,using GUI,one can find out about nearby stores,entrances to train stations,public restrooms,event information,etc.”

Shinjuku Plans to Tag 10,000 Street Lamps

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