December 30th, 2005

This Times Online article looks at the £2.3 billion Galileo project,which will give civilian users a satellite navigation and positioning service ten times more accurate than the alternatives available today.”When the Galileo constellation is complete in 2010 it will be accurate to within a metre and its stronger radio signals will enable receivers to work in high-rise cities and even indoors. The way the 30 satellites are arranged makes the probability of receiving signals from at least four of them — the minimum needed to calculate an accurate position — greater than 90 per cent anywhere in the world.Coverage in Europe will be virtually total. In most locations six to eight satellites will always be visible, allowing positions to be determined to within a few centimetres.This will transform the consumer applications of satellite positioning technology, allowing mobile phones with a Galileo chip to receive local weather forecasts and entertainment listings.The system will underpin road-pricing and air traffic control networks, and would make it possible to fit cars with control units that prevent drivers from getting too close to other vehicles.”

Satellite will bring cinema listings to your mobile phone

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