Phoneless Putin
December 31st, 2005

Although 120 million Russians have a mobile phone, President Valdimir Putin does not, according to ITAR-TASS News Agency. The ITAR-TASS article also give this update on digital communication in Russia:

At this moment, the number of ‘mobilniks’ (mobile phones, some times also called ‘trubkas,’ which means ‘receivers’) in Russia hugely exceeds the number of fixed-line phones, Russian Telecommunications Minister Leonid Reiman Reiman indicated.

While fixed-line services embrace 42 million Russians, the mobile operators have 120 million customers.

‘Mobile service is now available to 84% of the population, which means we’re keeping good pace with the Europeans,’ Reiman said.

In Moscow alone, there are 132 ‘mobilniks’ per each 100 people, as some people buy services from more than one mobile operator at a time.

Reiman also said that 23 million Russians have access to the Internet.


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