NSA’s Tracking Calls
January 11th, 2006

ABC News reports the story of Russell Tice, NSA whistleblower who alleges illegal spying. For 20 years, Tice worked in the shadows as he helped the United States spy on other people’s conversations around the world.

Tice says the technology exists to track and sort through every domestic and international phone call as they are switched through centers, such as one in New York, and to search for key words or phrases that a terrorist might use.

“If you picked the word ‘jihad’ out of a conversation,” Tice said, “the technology exists that you focus in on that conversation, and you pull it out of the system for processing.”

According to Tice, intelligence analysts use the information to develop graphs that resemble spiderwebs linking one suspect’s phone number to hundreds or even thousands more.

President Bush has admitted that he gave orders that allowed the NSA to eavesdrop on a small number of Americans without the usual requisite warrants. But Tice disagrees. He says the number of Americans subject to eavesdropping by the NSA could be in the millions if the full range of secret NSA programs is used.

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Using this scenario one might also consider theories on the degrees of separation. For instance if the average person knows thirty five hundred people and some people may know as many as 10,000 people. Then if we add the 10,000 times 3500 we get 35 million and if we multiply that by another 3500 then we get everyone on the Planet. So going with such a scenario as discribed you may as well simply put the entire human population on a watch list. Thus you will need a very large computer or many of them. Thus selling computer systems to the NSA must be a very good business indeed. So if we are all connected by a web, then one ought to also think along the lines of monitoring everyone in that web or here on the web? Interesting ideed. So why haven’t we already rounded up all these International Terrorists then? Too much data? You know the late Sam Walton discussed over kill in data collection, before data mining was even a word. Think on this in 2006

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This story just “broke” on the Keith Olbermann Show on January 21 and 22, 2009.

So, where has Tice been all this time?

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