Train others to use email properly
January 18th, 2006

I still get email from people who ought to know better that has no subject line, or “regarding your email,” that is cced to far too many people, that includes a large number of people in the To: or CC: lines when they should be BCCed instead. I try to teach by example. I’m delighted to see this post by Gina Trapani in Lifehacker about how to train others by example, and encourage others to link to it and circulate it.:

Edit the subject line.

The message from your co-worker’s subject is “hi,” and inside he inquires about how your vacation was, and whether or not you can update the web site link to the archive page on the Smith story and widen the graphic just a bit. When you respond, change the subject line to something more obvious, ie, “Re: Smith story updates (was: hi)” so that the rest of the thread is easily identified, sorted and searched.

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