“Content owners as gatekeepers”
January 25th, 2006

Putting the Screws to Google : How Old Media could take back its share of search’s ad bounty by Jon Fine – Business Week Online – 1/23/06

“…One ethos governing Web content holds that content owners must be respected and paid. Call this the traditionalist view. Another contends that future value lies not in content but in the conversations and communities formed around it. Call this the Web commons view. Its adherents say pulling back from today’s Web has hideous implications. “The ecology produced by [a Content Consortium’s] set of rules is a poorer environment than what’s produced by the leaky, relaxed set of practices” of today, says Stanford Law School professor Lawrence Lessig. A Content Consortiumed Net, he says, would resemble one of 10 years ago, dominated by proprietary services such as Prodigy. (Show of hands: Anyone hot to go back to that?) And would it work? Much of Google’s juice comes from searches for product data; a key selling point for AdWords is catching consumers while they’re avid to buy.
Would news or entertainment drive the rates for search ads as high?..”

(Thanks Andrew Herkovic)

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