“When does one’s history become history?”
February 5th, 2006

“For Damien Brady the past is not a foreign country;in fact,in an age of complete connectivity,his past is just one click away.Or Google’s version of it,”this article in the age says.”Mr Brady,38,was chief executive of eisa,briefly Australia’s fourth largest internet service provider before it crashed and burned in 2000.Mr Brady himself was also,briefly,the subject of legal action instigated by eisa’s chairman,but says he never spent a day in court,was never charged,never found guilty and the action was withdrawn.Yet, six years later,a Google search will retrieve in a very prominent position a University of Melbourne legal website referring,somewhat obliquely,to the case.Then will come some bankruptcy blog sites detailing eisa’s end in the course of which Mr Brady’s name is mentioned.It’s not a great way to start a job interview.”I am yet to be interviewed for any role without that being brought up as a fundamental point.That was OK but you would think over time it would go off the first page [of Google] but since 2000 the first thing I have to discuss is why there was an action against me in the Supreme Court of NSW,” Mr Brady said.”That would be OK if the second explained what had then happened.”The material itself is an accurate account of the proceedings at that stage,but the outcome,successful for Mr Brady,is almost non-existent on a web search.The reams of paper devoted to eisa’s rise and fall are generally hidden behind firewalls built by mainstream publishers as they force searchers to pay for access to library services.It is left to Mr Brady, who now lives in London,to defend his own reputation.His employment record since eisa suggests some difficulty in that matter. “The fundamental question I have is: ‘In the digital age, when does one’s history become history?”‘asks Mr Brady”.

When does one’s history become history?

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