Cellphone Jimi Hendrix
February 28th, 2006

“Musicians could soon have a new instrument to play, their phone,” New Scientist reports.”Motorola is patenting a cellphone that displays the layout of a guitar neck on its screen,and allows its keypad to be “plucked” or “strummed” by a user.The resulting guitar sounds can be played through the phone’s speaker or can be inflicted on a friend at the other end of the line.The phone has the usual four rows of keys,but switching to music mode turns the keys into a set of virtual strings that respond to pressing.Turning a control knob shifts the scale of the selected chord up or down, like a guitar capo,or switches between different types of chord,like major and minor.The guitar phone can be played live,to adoring fans,or a melody can be composed in private and stored in memory for use as a ring tone or meeting reminder.Motorola says the phone could even be converted into a banjo or violin at the flick of a switch,with strings automatically retuning”.

Invention:Guitar phone

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