Blogging to qualify for a job
March 1st, 2006

The pulse of the times can usually be felt in what is pumping through the job market. Out of curiosity this morning, I checked for a possible pulse for employment that might be developing for bloggers. On a seach for ‘blogger’ returned just two employers mentioning the subject — but I think they may be a meaningful prediction of increasing value for blogging experience in the future.

The first job was for a blogger:

Greetings! Our client runs a b2b Blog Network and is looking for talented business writers to write short news summaries and reports on specific business news. Topics range from various technology blogs to biotech, real estate and more! Bloggers should be able to spend a few hours each day on their blogs and will be compenstated a monthly minimum or % of advertising revenue, whatever is greater!

The second job sought blogging experience on the applicant’s resume. When the digital natives flood the job market, my guess is that qualification will be expected.

The ideal candidate is someone who has:
* 6 years of professional work experience with at least 3 years of industry-related experience
* Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
* Experience as a moderator of an online forum or as an active blogger for over 2 years
* Online P4P Search experience
* A strong technical and business background
* Strong Analytical skills
* Detail oriented & thorough, with ability to think “big picture” and understand the key trends and levers that drive a service business
* Must be able to travel and work independently
Education and Experience:
* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience required
* Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
* 2+ years of web forum / blogging experience
* 3+ years online advertising experience preferred.

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