Net neutrality notes
March 6th, 2006

A couple of smart notes about network neutrality.

At Telepocalypse Martin Geddes quote Paul Kapustka on Network Neutrality, saying this is the real core: The RBOCs and cable will use all their firepower to try to keep video captive, to make money off it the way they did off voice. I.e. it’s all about tv.

Another note, about a best model for telecom, from Bob Frankston:

We charge for local broadband as if all the calls were going out across the country and thus assuring artificially limited local capacity (though gigabits are one-way TV). The model has all the wrong incentives. What’s worse is that it’s all artificial and totally unnecessary. It’s a classic case of a prison of our own devise – a creation of the Regulatorium and what I referred to as 1930’s state socialism. We are still paying the price for the Great Depression.

A model in which the infrastructure is paid for as infrastructure – privately, locally, nationally and internationally can create a true marketplace in which the incentives are aligned.

Instead of having the strange phenomenon of carriers spending billions and then arguing that they deserve to be paid we’d have them bidding on contracts to install and/or maintain connectivity to a marketplace that is buying capacity and making it available so value can be created without having to be captured within the network and thus taken out of the economy.

With no need to trap the bits within billing paths we are free to let the capacity leak out so as to provide complete wireless coverage without having to channel all the traffic into the straightjacket of 3G services (

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