Japan issuing its first electronic passports
March 30th, 2006

This article from the RFID Journal reports that “last week,Japan started issuing its first electronic passports (e-passports).Every five-year,10-year and diplomatic passport the government issues will now include an RFID tag. The country expects to dispense more than 3.5 million e-passports within the next 12 months, with all Japanese passports will expected to carry an RFID chip within the next 10 years”.Further “a number of other countries,including Sweden,Australia and Singapore,are also issuing e-passports.In the United States,the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is carrying out a trial at San Francisco International Airport to test e-passport readability and assess how the RFID interrogators (readers) and biometric equipment needed to process the e-passports will impact the passport inspection process”.

Via RFID in Japan

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