TxT Out The Vote: Registering young voters via SMS at concerts
March 30th, 2006

TxT Out The Vote is an experiment in using mobile phones and texting culture to enlist more young people in electoral politics. According to Justin Hoberman‘s post at Personal Democracy Forum, the campaign will be carefully tracked using randomized experiments, in order to determine the effectiveness of SMS in voter registration drives:

Mobile Voter, in partnership with Music for America, has won a sizeable grant to register thousands of young voters at concerts across the U.S. this summer! The grant is coordinated by Young Voter Strategies and funded by Pew.

Nonprofit The SMS campaign called TXTVoter will kick off at concerts throughout the U.S. in June and aims to increase voter turnout in the 2008 elections. The campaign takes celebrity involvement in “getting the vote out” to the next level: Musicians will ask concert goers to register for the SMS service during the live show by texting a word of the musician#039s choosing to a short numerical code. Fans will then get a reply asking for their name and address to receive voter registration forms in the mail.

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