Making saints
April 2nd, 2006

This Washington Post article says ‘the messages arriving in Monsignor Slawomir Oder’s inbox are multiplying.A mother writes from Bloomington,Ill.,appealing to John Paul II from beyond the grave to heal her daughter from a sudden brain injury.Another click away,a child has been conceived in Mexico,thanks,the e-mail says,to the late pope’s intercession.The centuries-old practice of making saints behind closed doors and beyond public scrutiny is getting a technological jolt.Barely a year has passed since John Paul’s death April 2, 2005.But Oder,the leading advocate for John Paul’s sainthood,must hustle to meet the demands of the Internet,where potential miracles are being reported in real time and campaigns for and against John Paul’s sainthood are already in full swing.”The Internet and media let people inside the process,and they are participating spiritually and emotionally,” Oder said.”This is a novelty.”

Intercession From the Internet for John Paul’s Sainthood

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