Wild web cams
April 30th, 2006

This Philadelphia Inquire article reports wildlife cameras are playing “peekaboo with nature,streaming the doings of falcons, koalas and ants from around the world to a computer near you”.It says “most cam sites foster conservation and include a strong educational component,with screens full of information and special Web events for schools”.And,”many cams double as research tools.Biologists were so excited by what they saw on the Fairmount fish cam that they set up their own unit nearby to assess fish populations.Last year,the cam documented the brief foray of a river otter,not seen in the Philadelphia reaches of the river since the 1800s.The creature is notoriously fussy about water quality,so its appearance “really says a lot about the improvement” of the river,said Ed Grusheski of the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center,which operates the unit.Cams even reap funds for wildlife.(Or more cams.) Washington state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife,which has eight cams and more in the works, gets a steady trickle of money from a click-on icon”.

Web cams gone wild

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