The g@p
May 4th, 2006

Ofcom,the communications regulator in the UK “has published the results of a survey of the technology used by 5,000 parents and children,the largest ‘digital audit’ yet undertaken”,this Times Online article reports.”The results suggest that it is parents who are struggling to monitor the websites,phones,digital television and games consoles that are central to their children’s lives”.It says,”one in five children aged between 12 and 15 has a weblog and a website.One in four uses the internet to buy and sell goods through auction sites such as eBay and QXL.One in eight children aged 8-11 and one in five aged 12-15 owns an MP3 player.Nearly half of all children see nothing wrong with the illegal downloading of music and films.A small number of children aged 8-11 (4 per cent) use Palm Pilots or personal digital assistants to manage their time,according to the survey.Even relationships are being affected.Only 41 per cent of children would end a friendship or relationship face to face.One in five would use a text message or,for the briefest of dismissals,an instant messaging service.More boys use the game consoles that are found in half of households with children,while girls spend more money on mobile phone services”.

Generation g@p

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