IRC and users with female names
May 9th, 2006

“A study by the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering found that chat room participants with female usernames received 25 times more threatening and/or sexually explicit private messages than those with male or ambiguous usernames,”this University of Maryland press release says.From the papers conclusions.”In summary,the threat of attack on IRC seems to be rather low.The only type of attack that occurs consistently daily is malicious private messages,and in and of themselves they pose no threat to computer security.This threat does not seem to depend on whether or not a user is active in a channel.Users with female names are,however,far more likely to receive malicious private messages,slightly more likely to receive files and links,and equally likely to be attacked in other ways.This implies that the attacks are carried out by humans selecting targets rather than automated scripts sending attacks to everyone in the channel”.

(via docuticker)

Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages

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