And your name is?
May 24th, 2006

This AsiaMedia article from Korea says “a decision to require Web readers to use their real names when posting articles on the message boards of Internet news sites is touching off heated debates over privacy and freedom of expression.The arguments erupted earlier this month when the National Election Commission (NEC) ordered about 800 online news sites to require their users to reveal their real names when writing responses to politically related news articles during the May 19-30 campaign period.Local elections of mayors,governors and councilor take place on May 31.Under the guidelines,Internet news sites,such as Ohmynews ( or Pressian (,which attract millions of readers every day, are required to install name identification programs to message boards linked to their politics section and other articles about the local elections.To be identified by their real names,the Internet users will be required to reveal their resident registration numbers, a 13-digit code that includes birth date, gender and registration site.The Internet companies will be slapped with a 5 million won ($5,200) fine if they fail to install the programs for name identification and will,in addition,be fined 500,000 won per day if they fail to install the programs three days after the first warning.The companies will also be fined one million won if they refuse to delete writings posted under a pseudonym or pen name”.

Korea:Internet news sites balk at real-name use

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