beta release of Radar: sharing cameraphone shots with friends
May 31st, 2006

from the Urban-Atmospheres mailing list

Announcing the beta phase of Radar, available now on your PC and mobile phone.

Here’s how they describe Radar on the site:
“Think of Radar as a visual conversation between you and your friends. Instantly post pictures from your cameraphone and they’re available to your invited friends on nearly any mobile phone or PC. They comment, you respond. They post, you comment, you post again.

* A cameraphone is not required. After all, following along and commenting on your friends’ and family’s pictures is what makes Radar tick. Adding your own pictures to the mix — that’s certainly preferable but not strictly required.

* Your Radar pictures are never public. Roughly, Radar’s value decreases as your audience increases — as you cross the line from Conversation with people who “get” your pictures, to Broadcast to people who don’t.

* Radar is free, though your wireless provider may charge you to send picture messages and to browse Radar in your phone’s web browser.

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