eBay posts Net Neutrality Point-of-View
May 31st, 2006

In a page about Government Relations eBay has an informative overview of the critical net neutrality situation. That page begins by stating this eBay Point-of-View:

* eBay provides a global Internet marketplace. Together with PayPal and Skype, we are enabling ecommerce for small businesses everywhere. Because the success of our companies is completely dependent on the success of our community of users, including small businesses, we take public policy positions that are important to that community.

* eBay supports Net Neutrality legislation that will prohibit Network Operators from replacing the robust open Internet with “Pay to Play” private networks that will force out and discriminate against content and service providers that refuse to pay new tolls.

* Consumers, non-profits and businesses already pay for access to the Internet. Network operators should not be permitted to “double dip” by charging consumers twice for high-speed Internet access.

via Lessig Blog

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