An invitation to an event against DRM
June 2nd, 2006

On June 10th, the Campaign to Eliminate DRM is targeting Apple for action in 6 cities. An invitation to participate is here. DBD explains the purpose of the campaign:

We Oppose DRM! is a broad-based, anti-DRM campaign that is targeting Big Media, unhelpful manufacturers and DRM distributors. It aims to make all manufacturers wary about bringing their DRM-enabled products to market. The campaign aims to identify ‘defective’ products. Users are being asked to stand up in defense of their existing freedoms.

What is DRM?
Technology that restricts users’ traditional rights in copyrighted works, often known as Digital Restrictions Management or Digital Rights Management (DRM), is threat to freedom. As a way to limit users’ rights, the adoption of DRM is fundamentally at odds with the spirit of the free software movement. Unfree software implementing DRM technology is simply a prison in which users can be put to deprive them of the rights that the law would otherwise allow them. Our aim is, and must be, the abolition of DRM as a social practice. Anything less than complete victory leaves the freedom of software in grave peril.

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