A tapestry of brochures
June 7th, 2006

Mirroring the social networking of people emerging from the Internet is the networking of content and the ideas the content contains. Bambi Francisco’s commentary here in Market Watch reflects on the work underway crafting new content-making methods by the online gorillas and by fresh startups where: ‘the foundations are being laid for online guides that cover the most common interests and the most obscure ones.’ Like so many commentaries from observers on emergent Web stuff, Francisco ends up at the long tail:

But unlike that massive undertaking to publish one universal reference for words, today’s Web efforts aren’t a comprehensive dictionary so much as a tapestry of, well, online brochures.

Now some might say that online brochures have wallpapered the Web for years. That’s not new.
But I’m not talking about corporate brochures. Rather I’m referring to the plethora of travel guides about kayaking, surfing, Abalone diving, or hiking and other activities you might see while you’re on vacation, perhaps in some remote vacation resort. I’m referring to the informational postcards or material about obscure medical issues or procedures that might be available in a physician’s waiting room. I’m also talking about those gift-giving brochures or mailers from your neighborhood shops, laying out recommendations or ideas about what you should buy your father for Father’s Day.

I’m referring to the long tail of the Web, which many of us know takes everyone’s contribution.

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