New Report Dismantles Industry Claims about Net Neutrality
June 15th, 2006

Also linking to the full report, Freepress gives an overview here:

Economic analysis separates empirical facts from theoretical fiction

WASHINGTON – The likely harm to consumers and the Internet economy if Congress abandons “Network Neutrality” will be substantial, according to a new economic analysis released today by Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America and Free Press.

The report rebuts the claims of Net Neutrality opponents such as Vanderbilt University Law Professor Christopher S. Yoo and the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies, finding that the benefits claimed for abandoning the principle of standardized, open communications network are small or non-existent.

“Since network neutrality has succeeded so dramatically in producing the vibrant Internet economy and sustaining competitive communications services,” said Trevor Roycroft, the economist who authored the report, “critics must show very tangible benefits from changing that policy. These analyses do not even come close to meeting that burden.”

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