Bounty hunters
June 19th, 2006

This news article says “one of the most common online frauds,the Nigerian letter scam,varies,but focuses on a theme:an African dictator or business mogul has died leaving an unclaimed fortune.To get their hands on it,all the “mugu”,or victim has to do is pay some fees”.And,”thousands of Australians fall victim to the scammers every year”.”Now,a select group of Australian internet experts has gone undercover,informally recruited by the South Africa Police Service to hunt and hand over the scammers.”Scammers are professional liars and conmen,criminals pure and simple,”said one Australian bounty hunter,who asked to be identified only as NN.”They prey on anyone who will respond.”NN is a member of internet conman baiting site site,which gets its name from the section of the Nigerian penal code dealing with fraud, is there to catch scammers in the act.Many of the bounty hunters have been recruited by South Africa Police to “collect information and intelligence” on crooks.They play along with scammers,identifying their location by their internet protocol address or by information they receive as the scam proceeds,and then hand the details to police.”We pretend to be different characters,such as elderly retired people,”NN said.In a number of cases,information provided to police by scam baiters has led to convictions.The bounty hunters are vetted by South Africa Police Intelligence before being admitted into a password-protected online community that allows them to share information with police around the world”.

Bounty hunters track net scams

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