British musicians embrace moblog trend to connect with fans
June 19th, 2006

Alfie Dennen wrote Smarmobs the following.

“There is an interesting phenomenon occuring at moblogUK; bands and musicians using mobile blogging to connect with their fans instantly, and inviting their fans to both comment and interact with their moblogs themselves.

It reminds me most of the reason why myspace was so good for so long; bands had a new way of sharing their music directly with fans, interacting intimately with those fans, and inviting them to comment too.

Where mobile blogging wins out over and differs from the myspace phenomenon is that it offers an *instant* tool for communicating, and is very intimate; images, video and audio direct from the practice room, the tour bus, the stage. As well as this, fans can then send in their own shots from gigs and concerts to the same shared moblog, creating a shared and interactive mobile blogging space that they *share with the band they love*.

I think this phenomenon is set to gow and grow – we have relationships with EMI, Polydor, Mute and Warp records, and they are bringing more bands to moblog every day”.

Imogen Heap, Maximo Park
Nemo International
Zoe Keating
Sophie Solomon
The Automatic
The BangBang Club

Hope you find this interesting!

Alfie Dennen
Web and mobile

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