QR Code, hyperlinks in print, do it for me hyperlinks
July 7th, 2006


I hadn’t realized, but my friend Luke Biewald informed me that scanning QR codes in magazines, bus ads, etc with a cameraphone is becoming common practice in Japan. Emily had previously blogged here on SmartMobs about Japanese consumers scanning QR codes in supermarkets.

Here are some thrown-together links related to the topic: A QR code generator so you can print your own from text or a URL. Jason Tester reminded me that hyperlinks in print go at least a little further back to CueCats which were mailed out in bulk to Wired subscribers. The Institute for the Future of the Book talks about subtly shaded boxes around the text as more inviting than footnotes and endnotes. At Hypulp, a very cool series of posts about hyperlinks in print:

More photos of QR-codes found on everyday items in Japan. Starting with 2 magazine adverts for mobile phones featuring barcodes linking to the mobile site of the maker; a graphics-softwares tutorial book that has a barcode on its cover including all the details about the book so you can come back later and ask for it precisely for example; a mini-guide to Tokyo areas and streets featuring a different barcode on each spread that if scanned takes you to a mobile site page giving you more precise information on Gourmet or Lodging informations for that very area delimited by the spread’s contour; and finally an ink-stamp made by Sachihata with a barcode that could include all your contact details to then be printable on some of your belongings, letters, business cards. I think that it is safe to say that more than 60% of all new mobile camera phones sold in Japan now have a QR barcode reader included in their system. I will get back to you as soon as I can get more precise numbers for the 3 main makers AU, DoCoMo and Vodafone.

Robin, Jong and Quinn Norton have been experimenting with do it for me hyperlinks at ambiguous.org. You can click annotate, and add links to any of the words in their posts.

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