Covering Google
July 17th, 2006

On his website Google Blogoscoped, Philipp Lenssen from Stuttgart, Germany explains how the image above helps to visualize events in Google. In describing what he does on the website, Lenssen writes:

Why I cover Google: I crack my head on everything that’s interesting, like programming, computer games, design, and watching the web figuring out what it does to us and what we can do with it (also see my other sites). I believe Google is important because as a search engine, it serves as a pair of eyes in this virtual world – a key to human knowledge. By deciding which results to display, Google has the power to shape the thinking of millions of people everyday. (When Google decides to self-censor a human rights watch site in China, this can have an effect on many Chinese people – at least those who trust Google.) Google isn’t just a search engine – by adding more and more services (like Orkut, Google Talk, Blogger, or Gmail) it might become the Office suite of the future.

I’m trying to cover Google whether it does something right or messes up – the direction it’s taking is important to the web, and thanks to the nature of blogs and discussion forums, we have a word to say in this too.

Via InformationAesthetics

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