presents Carnival of the Mobilists #38
July 31st, 2006

The Carnival of the Mobilists is a weekly tour through blog posts of people in the center rings of design, development and implementation of our new global mobile communications. Mobilists bloggers enter their posts and you read the finest, freshest writing in the field. (If you are a blogger, you can enter too. The details are here.) The Carnival travels each week to a host site, which this week is SmartMobs.

Carnival #38 begins with the happy chore of announcing awards. Russell Buckley reports: Back in May, we announced that Khosla Ventures would be sponsoring the Carnival of the Mobilists, as their way of reaching out to the blogging community and everyone in mobile. The sponsorship would take the form of two monthly prizes – $500 for the best host of the month and $250 for the best post. We’re delighted to say that the votes are now counted, the recounts processed, chads examined and the appeals considered and we can announce the June winners as follows:

Host of the Month goes to Rudy De Waele. $500 will be winging its way to you shortly.
Post of the Month goes to Stephanie Rieger’s post on ‘Casual mobile snacks for everyone’ who wins $250, courtesy of the nice folks at Khosla Ventures.


Congratulations to both of them and many thanks to all of you who took the time to vote and of course, to the forward-looking people at Khosla for making this possible. Kudos also from the SmartMobs Mobile Elf who notes that winning these awards is a real feather in the hat for Rudy and for Stephanie!

And now let’s begin this week’s trek down the Carnival Midway

The entries for this Carnival of the Mobilists #38 include several about and by women. Since your guide this week– I, SmartMobber Judy Breck — is female, I decided why not begin with the posts about and by girls.

In Zelluar Identity’s Carnival entry called ‘No Woman is an Island’ Xen Mendelsohn gives you a female’s analysis of the new survey making the blog rounds that says, ‘Women are now using the mobile phone as a barrier signal, or ‘personal bodyguard’, to deter overly keen men from trying a chat-up line.’

Next in, ‘Sprint surveys women on phone uses’ Anders Borg at Abiro – Mobile News hits the highpoints, suggests additional reads and provides some savvy marketing tips.

Emily Turrettini, a top mobile blogger and a fellow SmartMobber posts her take on a report of a “Cell phone picture called obstruction of justice” on her entry at

My own entry this week from my blog is about camera phone armed golf fans who annoyed the golfers and delayed play at the Open Championship.

Rudy de Waele’s entry from his is titled “Women in Mobile, Summer Reading.” Both the interviewed gals and what Rudy says about them are sweet in the 2006 sense of the word.

The bloggers who write this material are close observers of and contributors to the defining tech edge of mobile. Read them to grow smarter.

Carlo Longino of Mobhappy essays on the report that “MMS Usage Up is 40% In The US.” Carlo says it’s hard to pin down exactly why things are growing so quickly, but he gives us a lot of insight as he takes an expert stab at the pinning down.

C. Enrique Ortiz of Mobility Weblog addresses, in a Part II of the subject: “Is coding in Java ME really a pain?” He explains that the real pain is in the deploying.

Tarek at Tarek speaks mobile reviews some fab new RAZR phones in a post: “Motorola Introduce Some HSDPA Goodness.”

Quickly Bored’s post called “MGC Hangover: Carriers and the Mobile Games Universe” sets the mood of a close up look at working the mobile games industry with this grumble: ‘Worst of all, you know that you live and die at the behest of modern-day train barons: cell phone carriers.’

David Beers of Mobile Computing posts on “The untapped touchscreen” with his own minority report — that includes his observation on a factor the pundits may be missing.

Wap Review provides a detailed explanation of their “Mobile Mail Speed Test” which is all about the different speeds at which emails travel and why the ones that travel fast are the best.

In TamsPalm-the Palm OS, Tam Hanna writes from the PDA angle an essay called “AllAboutSymbian writes about my SX1 experience more-less.”

Mobile Marketing Magazine’s post “aql Launches Free Text over IP Service” is analysis of the quickly-changing, fast developing mobile world of calls, texting and messaging.

Every carnival needs gazers into crystal balls. The soothsayer bloggers who follow do that for mobile. Read them to grow wiser.

The SmartMobs entry–that I get to pick as your weekly guide– is by Marshall Sponder, who explains: “Wireless skills becoming more necessary for I.T. professionals.”

Justin Obermin of Mopocket writes about a project reaching into the field in the Middle East where “Every Cell Phone Is A Media Outlet: Citizen Journalism and”

Martin Sauter, in his Martin’s Mobile Technology Page, describes the four factors involved in the practicality that “No Wireless Killer Applications without a Killer Environment.”

“Salt, Pepper and Social networking?” is Ajit Joakar’s title at Open Gardens. From the book he is writing, Ajit sets out the reasoning that WiFi is a condiment and why that is crucial in social networking.

We conclude with a post from StayGoLinks with the wise words of Barry Welford on “The One Web Principle” — telling of the basic need for its acceptance by all web developers.

Post of the week
As host of the Carnival, I get to choose a post of the week. The winner is eligible to be voted the Post of the Month, which carries a $250 prize from Khosla Ventures. It was tempting for to pick one of the soothsayers because it make me happy that the mobile industry has progressed to where we have philosophers. But my choice is Quickly Bored. Their post is an entertaining rant against the hubris of the carrier heavies. I enjoyed the writing and applaud the stand up for things mobile. Hats off to Quickly Bored for the Carnival 38 post of the week!

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