Jaiku — Jyri Engestrom’s “rich presence” startup
August 3rd, 2006

My friend Jyri Engestrom is a very smart guy, and his startup is also very smart. Good luck, Jyri!


Jaiku is the new startup I co-founded with Petteri Koponen, Mika Raento and Teemu Kurppa. It’s a social phonebook that displays the real-time availability and location of your contacts. We call this rich presence.

With the Jaiku mobile application, you can share your location (neighborhood, city, country) based on cell tower positioning; your availability (based on whether your phone’s ringer is on or off); an IM-style presence line; current and upcoming calendar events; people and devices nearby (based on Bluetooth scanning); and how long your phone has been idle.

You can share this information with your contacts’ mobile phones. You can also create a badge for your blog, MySpace profile or any other Web page that shows your real-time presence on the Web.

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