How mobile could have helped Lieberman
August 9th, 2006

Justin Oberman reports on Mopocket the following:

The American press yesterday was filled with news covering the Senatorial democratic primary race between incumbent Joseph Lieberman and fellow democratic challenger Ned Lamont. The big news being that Liebermans website suddenly went down the night before and during the day of the election which Lieberman campaign workers said kept volunteers from doing their important GOTV (Get Out The Vote) stuff. WIth the website down, the campaign could not access its email database nor send emails to their supporters”.

“Some say the site was hacked, some say it was the Lamont crew that did it, others say that the fault lies with the Lieberman team not paying their bills). No matter who is at fault this was a giant blow to the Lieberman campaigns election-day strategy”.

If ever their was a reason to discuss implementing mobile technology and SMS into a campaign this would be a good starting point.

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