Google takes a step towards mobile images
August 16th, 2006

Google bought Neven Vision, a photo analysis firm, this week. The search company explained the acquisition as a way of enhancing Picasa, its photo organizing tool.

Neven also focuses on mobile applications, which may have smartmobbish implications:

For example, people can use a regular camera cell phone to take a picture of a movie billboard, and then send the image to a special database that returns a film trailer, locates a theater showing the advertised movie, or let the person buy tickets to the film.

It’s possible with object and facial recognition software that can match images with those scanned into an Internet-connected database. A match can trigger a range of possible results, including promotions, ring tones, pricing, maps and search results.

In this way, Google could easily use this software to improve local search and advertising from cell phones, for example.

(via Tailrank)

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