Mimi Ito at DIY Media seminar on networked amateur cultural production
September 15th, 2006

The first DIY Media seminar was held at the Annenberg Center for Communication on September 14. The first presenter was cultural anthropologist Mizuko Ito. Ito studies new media use by young people in Japan and the US. Her presentation on “Amateur Cultural Production in The New Networked Age” was blogged at the DIY Media blog.

Ito and her research colleagues have been examining the changing relationship between cultural production and consumption. They have looked at the ways that many-to-many distribution, peer-to-peer social organization, and the availability of low-cost digital authoring tools have lowered thresholds to cultural production “manifest in public culture as increased visibility and mobilization of those actors traditionally associated with cultural consumption.” They see three domains “growing in salience with the turn toward networked public culture: 1) amateur and non-market production, 2) networked collectivities for producing and sharing culture, 3) niche and special-interest groups, and 4) aesthetics of parody, remix, and appropriation.”


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