Amsterdam September 27-29 PICNIC ’06
September 27th, 2006


On Wednesday afternoon in Amsterdam PICNIC ’06 was opened by Mayor Job Cohen.

A successful digital city also needs the tools, and Job pointed to hardware such as the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, the most important Net node in mainland Europe, plus the University hubs that help make the East of the city a magnet for high tech forms, and a net-savvy population as other attractions. (..) ‘Cross media then is a natural part of Amsterdam,’ he said, ‘but it doesn’t happen by itself.’

According to Bas Verhart, one of the founders, the central theme of this Crossmedia Week is: the ‘celebration of genius’; as we see more and more convergence between films, TV, games and mobile media, there are new formats and intellectual properties that are being delivered across different media”.

Themes that will be covered include social media, attention, virtual worlds, digital moviemaking, the confluence of science, technology and art, what we can expect to see in the near future.

Picnic ’06 publishes a list of attendees. In true Web 2.0 spirit, this is not a printed list but an online social network. This consists of a public face-book, initially filled with the profiles of speakers, partners, Picnic ’06 staff and now delegates. The focus of the network will be on individual persons but it will also support the presentation of organizations and projects.

If you who would have liked to be there do check the PICNIC’06 blog regulary. The blog will provide daily updates on sessions. Parts of the event will be streamed live by the Dutch broadcasting service provider, NOB, which will also archive audio streams.

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