Runners track, store and share routes on Verizon Wireless Phones
September 27th, 2006

Verizon Wireless integrated V CAST Music and Mobile Fitness for Wireless Online Training Resource.

What it means …triathletes can now track and store their workouts when they work out, thanks to a wireless training resource, Runner’s World – RunTracker – information that can be shared include mileage, split times, caloric burn, elevation changes and other information — as well as to share running route information from cities around the country, all with the push of a button on their wireless phones.

“In addition, the Runner’s World RunTracker, ( can wirelessly capture and store workout and route information from registered runners around the country using GPS-enabled cell phones powered by the BiM Active application, which can also enable users to listen to music over the same device that tracks their workout in real- time.”

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