MySpace snoops
September 30th, 2006

This article says “spying on your teenager just got easier. Snooping through diaries and eavesdropping on phone conversations are methods of the past. Parenting in the 21st century has gone high-tech, thanks to MySpace. The Internet’s premier social networking site allows millions of teens (113 million personal profiles at last count) to post all the gossip that used to be confined to high school hallways on the World Wide Web — for every nosy parent to see. “I look for drug references, parties, things like that,” said Celine Barnett, who found out about her 17-year-old son’s drug use through his MySpace profile page. “Use it to your advantage to see what your kid is doing. … If you’re a friend of my kid’s, I’m going to read what you’re doing, too.”
MySpace is no longer just the cornerstone of adolescent social lives. It doubles as a parent’s best friend, Barnett said the other day. The Southern California mother is teaching other parents how to maximize their MySpace spying potential through her own Web site:
She launched the site this spring to give parents a step-by-step guide on how to discreetly create their own accounts, find their teens’ profile and then navigate the MySpace features to find out what behavior their kids are up to”.

MySpace not their space any longer

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