Maps and advertising
October 7th, 2006

This TimesOnline article says “you plan your car journeys with MapQuest. You nose around property values through map-based websites such as You even track your favourite celebrities’ movements in almost-real time by logging on to user-annotated mash-ups of Google Maps. So why wouldn’t the ad industry see you as a lost opportunity?
With web traffic to online mapping sites growing by around 20 per cent a year, and 85 per cent of us saying we use them, these sites have become the latest hot properties for marketers. The ad agency Universal McCann calls the emerging trend “mapvertising”.Because we concentrate intently when we are using these services, advertisers are rushing to fill our screens with sponsored listings and clickable logos. They are also becoming more creative in their attempts to engage us, with online navigational tools that turn geographic searches into deep branding encounters. Universal McCann talks of “interactive maptivities” and “mapvergaming”. Translated, that means anything from clickable balloons popping up to remind you of a shop in a particular street, to entire games built around navigating a city centre”.


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