One laptop per Libyan child by 2008
October 11th, 2006

The lead story in this morning’s Online New York Times is a deal for kids struck between Nicholas Negroponte and Muammar el-Qaddafi. (This is the sort of front page news worth getting up early for.)

For its $250 million investment, Libya will receive 1.2 million computers, one server per school, a team of technical advisers to help set up the system, satellite internet service and other infrastructure.

The first test models will be distributed to the five participating countries companies at the end of this November, according to Mr. Negroponte, and mass production is planned for June or July of 2007.

The computers come with a wireless connection, a built-in video camera, an eight-hour battery and a hand crank for recharging batteries. They will initially be priced below $150, and the price is expected to decline when they are manufactured in large numbers.

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