African village blog
October 12th, 2006

Bruno Giussani tells the story in LunchoverIP) of an African village blog:

Here is a very good use of blogs: tell the stories of the people of an African village ravaged by AIDS – Nata, a community of 5000 in Eastern Botswana, not far from the Zimbabwe border, where two out of five people are infected – and help raise funds for the sick and the orphans.

The Nata Village Blog is the result of a fortuitous meeting between Canadian traveller (and web designer) Jon Rawlinson and Peace Corps volunteer Melody Jenkins, who is working there. Jon wanted to offer some help and set up the blog (on top of producing a short documentary about the village, which will be broadcast by CurrentTV). Melody and some villagers post regularly about daily life in the village, the healthcare and education efforts, refugees, local culture (you can download mabogo songs in MP3 format) and traditions (such as the lobola, where a man pays the father of the woman “for the privilege of marriage”) and much more.

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