Innovative Future debate in the Netherlands
October 12th, 2006

In the northern part of the Netherlands the Frysians debate during the last three months of 2006 in the online community Fryske Fiersichten about their common future in 2035.

Set up as a crossmedia project the venture was iniated by the government to ask citizens to submit project proposals on themes like: economy & healthcare, tourism, education & culture, water and energy, space.

The approach is based on the principles of open innovation and is guided by the futurist professor dr. Wim de Ridder. With weblogs, forums and newsitems the audience of this virtual community is encouraged to attend the public debate meetings across the province of Friesland. The project is accompanied by special sessions with experts in the field. It is an innovative approach to invite citizens to participate in a future debate. Fryske Fiersichten has drawn much attention of the dutch media.

Fryske Fiersichten is also submitted for the Yahoo!! Timecapsule to be opened in 2020.

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