Letting Scholars Pay To Be Open
October 12th, 2006

It is increasingly the case that scholars whose work is not available online don’t get cited as often as scholars whose work is online. If the whole premise of scholarship in the first place is the open sharing of ideas, then this journal publishing press (as much as I would really like to congratulate them for at least attempting to become open) has really missed the point:

RSC Open Science

RSC Publishing is pleased to offer increased choice to its journal authors. From 1st October 2006, authors will be offered the option of paying a fee in exchange for making their accepted communication, research paper or review article openly available to all via the web.

RSC Open Science will only be available to authors once their papers have been accepted for publication, following the normal rigorous peer-review procedures. This will ensure that the processes remain entirely separate and that the RSC’s scientific and editorial standards are upheld. Authors who have published their work in RSC journals will also be able to retrospectively apply for their work to be included in the scheme.

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