DRM.info — new site about digital restrictions technology/policy
October 30th, 2006

(Via Educause Connect)

DRM.info is a new site about digital restrictions/policy:

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is a technology that affects all users of computers, media players, mobile phones and other devices.

DRM affects you. You may have seen it discussed as “Digital Rights Management” (DRM) or “Technological Protection Measures” (TPM). These terms suggest what DRM proponents believe to be the use and justification of Digital Restrictions Management, but hide what the technology must do to achieve this end: Imposing third-party restrictions on the users of a computer or other device, with or without the users consent.

DRM.info helps you to understand how DRM will affect your life and the society you live in. Follow the links below to learn more:

* FSFE: Why should you care?
A short overview of central DRM points of critique.

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