A Fiber To Home Success Story
October 31st, 2006

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Allband is a non-profit cooperative business in the northern lower peninsula of Wikipedia:Michigan. The purpose of Allband is to provide FiberToHome services to people in an area that previously offered no phone and very little internet service.

From the history page:

In 1999, John Reigle, President of Allband Communication, a resident in Allband’s exchange, developed the idea for Allband due to his inability to obtain phone service at his residence. After multiple deaths due to the area’s lack of telephone and 911 services and continual frustrations with the areas closest exchange carrier, John decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Members by into the cooperative, and are then offered telephone very high speed braodband internet, and eventually television service, all for about $60.00 US per month.

Allband demonstrates how cooperatives can be used to build new telecommunications infrastructure. Yet, the Michigan Public Utilities Commission only allows Allband service in areas where customers can prove that no other provider currently exists. So, this possibly limits people in areas where incumbent telcos already dominate. I am not aware of regulations that prohibit FiberToHome installation for data transfer use. Which means that people anywhere should be able to create FiberToHome cooperatives, and use a VoIP vendor for telephone voice services. If any of our readers understands the regulations concerning FiberToHome in any US state, your comments are most welcome.

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