P Rangaswami on Orkut’s Crush feature as a “revealed intention exchange”
November 10th, 2006

Confused of Calcutta posts about “The Revealed Intention Exchange,” a kind of social signalling that is only now becoming possible. Something’s happening here. JP Rangaswami asks, insightfully, about what other kind of intentions could benefit from such blind matching:

Anant’s written a post about Orkut Crush which makes fascinating reading. Maybe it’s been happening across many social networking sites, and I just haven’t seen it; possibly because I haven’t used the ‘looking for someone’ facilities.

Orkut Crush allows person A to register a ‘crush’ on person B, and vice versa; the registered information is only provided to the matched pair when both sides signal.

So at a level of abstraction it allows a signalling of intention, done in secret, with the intention only revealed to the other party when matching conditions are met.

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