Discussing the Hymn of Insanity across the ocean with YouTube
November 12th, 2006

Had a conversation with Marcus van Soest, a Dutch Artist, about how modern artists can collaborate, online and in real time to effect social change.

I’m used to conducting interviews with technologists and artists in person or by sending some crafted questions via email and getting a reply back the next day or two. That’s the way I usually had done it – but this time it was different…….

Marcus van Soest and I did part of an interview that took place on the YouTube – it sorta reminds me of being in Second Life (but I haven’t yet played with Second Life – the Life I’m told I’m meant to live, according to some). My interview is not even done yet – but it’s interesting how it turned out so far (see below).

Links: ArtNewYorkCity, WebMetricsGuru, Powerpainter

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