Audio, text, images from “Participatory Media and the Pedagogy of Civic Participation”
November 14th, 2006


Robin Good, whose Masternewmedia is an excellent resource, has posted the text, audio, and a few screen captures from the presentation I made in Second Life for the New Media Consortium on Participatory Media And The Pedagogy Of Civic Participation:

Education – the means by which young people learn the skills necessary to succeed in their place and time – is diverging from schooling.

Media-literacy-wise, education is happening now after school and on weekends and when the teacher isn’t looking, in the SMS messages, MySpace pages, blog posts, podcasts, videoblogs that technology-equipped digital natives exchange among themselves.

This population is both self-guided and in need of guidance, and although a willingness to learn new media by point-and-click exploration might come naturally to today’s student cohort, there’s nothing innate about knowing how to apply their skills to the processes of democracy.

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